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Smoothest Weed You Will Ever Taste

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I have searched long and hard for a curing method that is effective, increases potency and that can be performed without aging bud like wine. I think I’ve found the answer. Best of all its easy, really easy.

The answer is water curing. If done correctly it will enhance potency and it will definately make your smoke much smoother. That means less tar and other nasties that hurt your lungs. Normally this falls in the realm of the grower but I list this under consumption as well because you can use this technique on poor quality or poorly cured commercial weed. Even brick.

Just take a container that is about twice as large as the amount of pre-dried bud you will be curing at a time. Fill the container half full of room temp water (you aren’t trying to cook your weed and cold water will make the crystals on the bud brittle and more apt to break) and fill with bud. Make sure the bud is well submerged.

Now change that water twice a day for 3 or 4 days, until the water stops turning that yellowish green color. When the bud is water logged be very gentle. It will break up some no matter how careful you are but you want to leave the plant structures as intact as you can.

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Drain well and use some paper towel to remove the bulk of the moisture. If you have one of those green drainers for vegetables that will work very nicely, just put in your green and turn the crank and it will use centrifugal force to separate the bulk of the moisture.

That’s it just use your favorite slow drying technique to dry the weed again before use. If you don’t have a slow drying technique then I recommend tossing your grass into a paper sack or wraping it in paper towel and putting it in a dark place with air flowing through. If this were your first dry you’d want this to take a week or two and would want limited airflow so the sugars in the plant can metabolize. In this case you just want the pot to dry without losing potency so you can even have a fan or the ac blowing right on your bag/towel.

That’s really all there is to it. The result is a dark brown bud. Not that lighter brown or tannish color of the crappy mexican commercial shwag or the nasty brick crap you get in metropolitan areas but a dark chocolate brown that will remind you of higher grade cigar tobacco.

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