Reddit Marketing

Well let’s go have a look at the Reddit stats. you will not believe this .So according to similar web the global rank of Reddit is 21 .Huge.. So the country rank is the United States 12 . Can you imagine that? So 1.6 billion visits every single month. 50% from the United States. Amazing right..

Reddit marketing

To get traffic from Reddit, you first need to find niche relevant subreddits. That is so important other vice you will get banned for spamming.Then you need to join these subreddits .You need to create long and value packed content to post in these subreddits. Instead of spamming, use a tool like notifier .It’s a social listing tool for social media platforms including Reddit. It sends notification when ever your keyword mentioned in Reddit. So you can promote your content at right time to the right audience.

Using a tool like notifier makes things easy.When it shows notifications about your keyword in Reddit, publish your comment on that post.Make sure that your content looks real and genuine. Other vice people will ignore your content .Making this kind of super targeted content can give your more visitors and more positive reactions.

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